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    We use only 100% REAL HAIR. The hair is East Indian hair that is Remy hair: That means the cuticle is in one direction , which prevents excessive tangling. Each of the strands of hair has a protein bond, to which we heat or cold fusion technology to attach to your own hair. When the Hair needs to be removed, its done without damaging your hair. The hair stays in for up to 6 months and you can treat it like your own hair ( Curling with an iron, Wash, Brush.. etc.). Great Lengths hair extensions are great for volume, highlights and for lengths up to 24 inches.

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Great Lengths is for people with fine hair, and for people who want long hair, also for those who want less damaging highlights, and possibly for those with unique challenges such as: alopecia, thinness to some balding areas.







Great Lengths Hair Extensions Hair by LengthyLocks Ltd Ph.403.901.9797 Do you want More VOLUME? Or Do you want instant LONGER hair?? You can have it!! With Great Lengths Exclusive Technique and our 100% HUMAN HAIR!!






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Information on Great Lengths Hair Extensions


  Great Lengths ®, the leading hair extension system that is unmatched in quality and hair manageability.  With Great Lengths patented technology for the application of 100% human hair extensions, your hair will look and feel natural. There are no  restrictions on Great Lengths® ; curl, blow dry, colour, shampoo, style the hair as you desire. All the other Hair Extension methods have limitations. Great Lengths® Hair Extensions are perfect for anyone who wants length, volume, colour enhancement, jewels or simply to update your current style. The hair colour is matched perfectly and will harmonize beautifully with your natural strands without ever displaying the visible telltale signs that are so common with other extension systems.


   Once applied, Great Lengths ® is harmonious with your hair for 3 to 6 months. Because of its unique bonding method, Great Lengths ® can be removed without pain or damaging your hair. The hair is applied with a Keratin bond, which will not damage your hair unlike other systems that use synthetic glues. Therefore leaving you with long lasting results and allowing you to, Style with hot tools, Colour your hair as you desire.

Three method choices for Installation of Great Lengths Extensions


1.Classic 3200 Thermal System

    This is the original single strand thermal application technology.  Tried, Tested and True, this method is great for volume and for that “piecey” look of the hair.  This classic system features tiny rolled bonds which is excellent for curly hair as well.  Comes in 8 inch / 12 inch / 16 inch / 20 inch and 24 inch lengths.


2.Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion

     This “cold fusion” method uses no heat.  The Great Lengths strands are attached via ultrasonic vibration.  The attachment sites can be done with either a rolled bond or a flat bond.  The flat bond creates a seamless finish that is more comfortable for the client and smoother to the touch. The hair then fans out from the flat bond for a much truer blend in the clients hair. Comes in 8 inch / 12 inch / 16 inch / 20 inch and 24 inch lengths.


3.GL Apps

    This latest option is great for the busy client who wants longer hair faster! Also great for those that want instant colour with panels of highlights.  GL Apps is attached in strips of around 2 to 3 inches wide with a gel adhesive already prepared on both sides of the hair which is only about a cm long.  The hair comes in two lengths only of 12 inch or 18 inch.  A full head of GL Apps installation time can be under an hour.  All methods of extensions come in a beautiful array of colours.  38 choice of colours with extra choices of  bright and  jewel tones as well. GL Apps are reusable.


4.Flow Strands

    Flow strands are the newest hair colour trend with two tone colour integration.  They will add a totally new dimension to your hair.  One option is the Dip-Dyed effect which shows off an extreme colour change from light to dark or vice versa.  The other

option is a gradual transition from dark to a gentle brown or such, which gives a beautiful integration into the natural hair.  These colour effects have become very popular with A-listers such as Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, and Alexa Chung taking on this trend.  Having a dip-dye process at your local hair salon usually involves bleaching the ends of your hair to reach this desired look  and the would be risk of damaging the hair. With Flow strands, no bleach or dye is necessary as your natural hair remains untouched and does not need colouring. If your bored of your own hair and colour or would like to sport a cool customized trend, then try out the NEW Flow strands! Your hair can be instantly transformed.



5. Feather Extensions

    Looking to mix up your hair due with a new trendy hue! Feather Extensions are fun and colourful.  Try out our long pho feather in Bright pink or Dark and light Blue. You can still wash your hair and brush through it, even straighten the feather extensions as heat won’t harm it.  Come in for a consult and check out your choices!




Contact Us Lengthy Locks® Hair Extensions and Wigs is located inside Skribbles Salon - 102 1240 Kensington Rd N.W Calgary Alberta - We offer everyone a FREE consultation on Great Lengths® Hair Extensions,Extend It! Remy Clip-Ins Those who are interested in Extensions may wish to try a FREE hair extension sample with the booking of a free Consultation. We can be contacted anytime by email Or Phone us @ (403) 901-9797 ASK FOR LEAH YOUR HAIR EXTENSION ARTIST.
Great Lengths Extensions Information Great Lengths’ hair is virgin-quality, aka “Remy” hair that has never been chemically treated: cuticle layer is all facing the same direction thus there is no tangling. Indian hair is considered the best in the market for its fine quality and texture The hair purchased from the India then undergoes a thorough sorting process where it is "triple drawn" to ensure that each hair in the bundle is same in length and thickness; hair then undergoes a process of reverse osmosis similar to that used in the treatment of cashmere wool - where hair is bathed in purified water for 15 to 20 days to "de-pigment" and is then coloured using natural vegetable dyes to achieve the full range of 38 Great Lengths colours, plus jewel, pastels and pure tones. This also ensures that the colour of extensions will last. Hair can only be applied by a certified Great Lengths extensions artist using proven methods and Great Lengths equipment for a seamless result. There is no gluing, knotting, weaving or welding with Great Lengths hair thus ensuring a natural and comfortable result with absolutely no damage to the customer's own hair
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